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Senior execs, non-execs, entrepreneurs

& business owners

  • You are established and successful.
  • You know how to make good use of a skilled coach.
  • You have a busy and unpredictable schedule.

    You have important work to do …

    • Making decisions, solving problems, leveraging opportunities and getting results
    • Carrying enormous responsibility
    • Often flying solo

      Sometimes you just need someone to talk to

      Having a skilled resource ‘on call’

      carries tremendous benefits

      • Re-assurance and encouragement
      • Comfort and convenience
      • Renewed vigour
      • Elevated outcomes
      • Enhanced Self-Mastery

        Short notice ad hoc one-to-one access

        • Phone calls, Zoom meetings & reminder e-mails
        • Flexible & responsive focus
        • Fixed monthly fee with no term commitment
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